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Parivarthan (Sanskrit for transformation) is a Counselling, Training and Research Centre dedicated to promoting positive change in the individual. Counselling as a ‘profession’ is still very new in India. In fact there is no Parent Body or Accreditation Association in the country which results in a kind of “free for all’’ scenario both in the practice of counselling and in the training of counsellors.

Counselling as a professional service needs to be practiced by trained counsellors because, to quote Dr. Shekhar Seshadri, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, NIMHANS, “in the field of Counselling, good intentions are not enough; to be trained is essential”. It was with this premise, that Parivarthan was started in 1995 to provide counselling by trained counsellors to children, adolescents, adults,couples and families in emotional distress and to offer a comprehensive one year training in both the theories and skills of counselling.

What makes the Parivarthan experience different is the respect that we have for the confidentiality of our clients, our belief that it is extremely important for our counsellors to be in ongoing counselling themselves and that supervision is an essential part of the practice of counselling.

At Parivarthan, we strongly believe in the role of training, theory and research in contributing to the effectiveness of counselling. In fact, there is an increased call in the field of counselling across the world to study variables that will deepen understanding of what makes counselling work. At present, much of what we know about counselling is based on research conducted outside of India. Thus, the Research Programme at Parivarthan is developed to address this gap and to understand client and counsellor experiences within an Indian context. Our aim is to continue to ensure clients at Partivarthan receive services that are evidence-based and effective.. READ MORE

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PARIVARTHAN celebrated 20 years of service in counselling and training with A Practitioners Conference in August 2015 Transformation & Identity
August 28 and 29, 2015. Read more.


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